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Water tram - News

The Gdańsk waterway revival program

The aim of the Gdańsk waterway revival program is to create regional specialties of supraregional importance, including:
 - a possibility of exploring Gdańsk by water;
  - relaxation and leisure on the water for the whole family;
  - safety on the waterway and in its vicinity;
  - public parks set up on converted grounds adjoining the water.

One of the outcomes of the waterway revival program was the launch (in 2015) and operation of two water tram routes – F5 and F6.

Water trams are an alternative to land-based public transport. In addition to their value as transportation, water trams are undoubtedly a great tourist attraction of Gdańsk.

Route F5: Żabi Kruk - Westerplatte

     Żabi Kruk
         - Zielony Most - Targ Rybny - Wiosny Ludów - Nabrzeże Zbożowe - Twierdza Wisłoujście -
     Westerplatte - Nowy Port Lighthouse*)

*) additional stop outside the scope of the project.

Route F6: Targ Rybny - National Sailing Centre

     Targ Rybny
        - Wiosny Ludów - Sienna Grobla II - Tamka - Sobieszewo - Stogi -
     National Sailing Centre.

The water tram routes, in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were handled by two passenger ships owned by Żegluga Gdańska: SONICA and SONICA I, whose technical parameters are determined by the navigational and sailing conditions on the section of Old Motława between Zielony Most/Stągiewna Street and Pod Zrębem/Żabi Kruk, especially as regards the clearances under bridges.

Please note that in case there are no available seats on board, passengers waiting at the tram stop will not be able to embark on a water tram cruise by routes F5 and F6.

In 2015, water trams F5 and F6 will operate for the period between 1 May and 30 September.

Tickets printed by cash registers will be exclusively sold on a ship. A ticket is valid for one travel from a stop at which a passenger boards a ship to a final stop. Tickets should be kept for checking.

Applicable prices of tickets (summer 2015):

Tickets type Water tram line
F 5 F 6

Regular ticket

PLN 10.00 PLN 10.00

Discount ticket

PLN 5.00 PLN 5.00

Bicycle ticketrover

PLN 5.00 PLN 5.00



We kindly inform that in case there are no places available on a ship, passengers waiting at a stop may not travel by a water tram on the F5 and F6 lines.

RIGHTS TO DISCOUNT TRAVELS (for all water tram lines)

- veterans on the basis of a veteran ID card,
- children who are 4 - 7 years old,
- students of primary schools, middle schools, post-primary schools, post-secondary schools, post-middle schools with rights of public schools under 24 years old - on the basis of a school ID card, a sample of which is in appendix no. 3 (sample 66) to the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 28 May 2010 on national certificates, diplomas and other school forms (Journal of Laws of 2010, No. 97, item 624),
- students of higher schools on the basis of a student ID card,
- youth incapable of work and disabled youth with moderate and mild degree of disability, aged 18 - 30, on the basis of a disability ID card issued by the Disability Determination Board together with a document with a photo,
- students of foreign educational institutions who are under 26 years old on the basis of the European Youth Card EURO 26 "Student" or "ISIC" card issued outside the Republic of Poland.

RIGHTS TO TRAVELS FREE OF CHARGE (for all water tram lines)

- the Sejm deputies and senators on the basis of a deputy's or senator's ID card,
- children under 4 years old,
- war and military disabled persons incapable of work on the basis of a war (military) disabled person's book issued by the competent body of the Social Insurance Institute (ZUS) or on the basis of an ID card of the War Disabled Union of the Republic of Poland,
- guides accompanying war and military disabled persons, classified in the first disability group, on the basis of a document confirming war or military disability and persons classified in the first disability group subject to care,
- persons totally incapable of work and independent existence on the basis of a disabled person ID card issued by the Disability Determination Board with entry of significant degree of disability, extract from a decision of a medical commission for invalidity and employment and a document with a photo, extract from a decision of a ZUS certified physician.

Additional information
tel. 58 3091323.


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