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About ZTM

Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Gdańsku (City Transportation Office)

City Transportation Office in Gdańsk was established in 2005. Its creation resulted from the need to separate the functions of the organization and control of the traffic from current operational activities, on the pattern of solutions already implemented in Western Europe and some Polish cities. The aim of the City authorities was to create an institution that will analyze both the needs of residents, as well as the costs of operators and rationalize them in terms of the capability of the City budget.

Although ZTM Gdańsk is a relatively young institution, its employees have for many years been involved in public transport, and they use their experience gained at previous workplaces to effectively organize public transport with the available means. The main role and task of ZTM is to organize public transport in Gdańsk and – under an agreement – in neighbouring communes. These goals are achieved through:

-  public transport market research to identify the residents’ transportation needs,
-  public transport network and route layout planning,
-  timetable development,
-  public procurement procedures concerning public transport services,
-  transport service inspection with regard to compliance with contract requirements,
-  selling tickets,
-  public transport promotion,
-  granting permits for commercial passenger transportation and timetable arrangements,
-  preparing draft resolutions concerning public transport for Gdańsk City Council,
-  changes of public transport operation and replacement transport service projects for the duration of repairs and road investments, and
-  cooperation in municipal investment planning, in particular in the scope of public transport infrastructure.

The Calendar of the City Transportation Office in Gdańsk:

2005 – establishment of ZTM as a budget entity pursuant to the resolution of Gdańsk City Council no. XXXV/1076/05 of 17 February 2005,

2006 – takeover of ticket distribution by ZKM along with ticket sales points at ul. Chlebnicka and ul. Grunwaldzka,

-  takeover of ticket inspection tasks from ZKM. A bus and tram ticket inspection company was selected in a tender,
-  introduction of electronic ticketing system, which contributed to the increase of season ticket availability,
-  the launch of a “Water Tram” project aiming at natural environment protection and car traffic reduction at Hel Peninsula. It has become a popular tourist attraction, as it connects the Gdańsk Bay cities with the following routes:

F1 Gdańsk – Hel – Gdańsk

F2 Sopot – Hel – Sopot

F3 Gdańsk – Sopot - Gdańsk

2007 – establishment of Metropolitalny Związek Komunikacyjny Zatoki Gdańskiej (The Metropolitan Transport Union of Gdańsk Bay). ZTM actively participates in its works,

-  launch of metropolitan ticket sales,
-  a service allowing to reload electronic student cards with season tickets,
-  launch of new tram line number 1 to Chełm,

2008 – annual convention of Izba Gospodarcza Komunikacji Miejskiej in Gdańsk,

-  “Skrzydła Trójmiasta 2008” award for the “Water Tram” project,

2009 – takeover of ZTM suburban transportation service by PKS and Warbus,

-  Customer Service Point transfer from ul. Chlebnicka to “Chełm Witosa” tram terminus,
-  standardization of ticket tariff in Tricity,
-  launch of a new F4 route Gdańsk - Sobieszewo as part of a “Water tram” project,
-  takeover of carriers’ tasks concerning stop information, resulting in standardization of stop
   information system (bus info boards, timetables, announcements, etc.),

2010 – launch of a night tram line N0 running during the holiday period,

-  establishment of Customer Service Point No. 3 in Main PKP Railway Station tunnel in Gdańsk,
-  launch of Passenger Information System,
-  establishment of Traffic Supervision Point

2011 – introduction of Karta Dużej Rodziny (Large Family Card),

- Introduction of automated ticket machines into ticket distribution network.
  The machines are located in numerous points of the city and enable to purchase tickets,
  recharge City Cards, and settle payments by cash or debit cards,

2012 – takeover of Traffic Central Office from ZKM,

- the ZTM Traffic Centre is established,
- the extension of the tram line from Chełm to the loop at Łostowice Świętokrzyska,
- comprehensive city transport services during the EURO 2012 Football Championships in Gdańsk,
- completion of the Water Tram F1, F2 and F4 project,
- launch of new water tram lines:
  F5 Żabi Kruk – Westerplatte; F6 Targ Rybny – Narodowe Centrum Żeglarstwa (National Sailing Centre),
- launch of online and mobile e-ticket sales system,
- launch of the m.ztm.gda.pl mobile ZTM website.


- launch of “virtual timetables” in the Passenger Information System (SIP) on the ZTM website
  to display the actual departure times from the stops for all operators,
- participation in work to implement the TRISTAR Integrated Traffic Management System,
- launch of the ZTM w Gdańsku profile on Facebook,
- the Traffic Centre’s Head Office becomes available to organised student groups for educational purposes.


- enhancement of the ticket machine services to include mobile phone top-up and SKM railway ticket sales,
- development and publication of the Transport Plan for 2014-2030.


- The Transport Authorities Commission of the IGKM Polish Chamber of Urban Transport in Gdańsk organised by ZTM,
- launch of new tram line from Siedlce to Piecki-Migowo.


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